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A Ticket in a Minute


The Johan Cruijff ArenA is home of the Dutch football team Ajax and hosts multiple premium football matches (e.g. Dutch Premier League, Champions League, Nations League) and big entertainment events (e.g. ID&T, ADE/AMF, U2, Rolling Stones, Metallica, P!NK). Unfortunately, for some events not all available seats are utilised. The main factors that contribute to empty seats are single, isolated seats that are not sold or season ticket holders that decide not to visit certain matches. Solutions that address these factors should enrich the experience for our current visitors and also enable the possibilities of attracting new visitors and fans.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for concepts with a proven track record and positive business case in optimising seating in the stadium. We want to bring as many current and new fans to the stadium as possible (like families, groups of friends, and value demanding spectators). We want them to be the ambassadors of our events/venue and enthuse others to come.

To better optimise the stadium for these visitors, solutions need to target optimising seating in the stadium and/or provide added services that motivate them to come to the event. The goal is to fill empty seats and enhance buying, sharing and/or re-selling of tickets as easy and accessible as possible.


Issues to consider

– The ticket sales are mostly managed by the event organiser;
– A ticket-related solution should work with the ticketing system in place be used by the event organiser, and be configurable (e.g. visitor segmentation, seating area, pricing, possibility of charity, etc.) per event;
– Solutions need to offer an overview of ticket ownership and counteract black market sales of tickets;
– Solutions should make the purchase of tickets easier for tourists coming to Amsterdam/the Netherlands and single ticket buyers;
– Solutions should deal with safety and security aspects related to individual access to venue.


What we are not looking for

– We are not looking for a new ticketing system.