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As more and more business in the online world are embracing the power of personalisation to deliver a unique customer experience, we have the ambition to do so as well. Queueing and entrance control in a stadium with a capacity of just under 55.000 are inevitable, but the journey could be tailored to the visitor. Optimising the way visitors spend their time in the stadium (for example when getting food and drinks or going to the toilet) and providing only the relevant information to visitors would greatly enhance their experience. We have different visitor groups, which each have their own desires and needs. Based on a good segmentation of these groups, we believe we could tailor the stadium experience to their needs.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for solutions that can offer a way to personalise the event experience for our visitors (different journey touchpoints). Solutions should be focused on the last mile of the journey to the venue and within the stadium. Helping visitors to navigate, showing them relevant instead of generic information, and offering them personalised deals will create more value for the visitor, the organiser, and the venue. We want to capture more data and make better use of data available to allow us to measure and increase visitor satisfaction.

The focus is on generic solutions that are independent of the type of event. Solutions could improve the customer journey before actually arriving at the venue (including parking), finding the right entrance and seat, the way through the building, shops, or a free toilet, but also notifying personnel/stewards. As more data is unlocked with regard to visitors, this offers opportunities for artificial intelligence and platforms to use data to tailor the experience.


Issues to consider

– The building has a lot of steel/concrete structures that interfere with external signals like GPS;
– For indoor wayfinding there are no beacons installed (yet), but localization is possible based on Wi-Fi-/4G-positioning;
– A general mobility portal (outside of the venue) exists that advises on the best route and allows visitors to make reservations for parking cars. Solutions could build on this portal or enhance its functionalities;
– Privacy legislation needs to be considered.


What we are not looking for

– We are not searching for persona building or customer journey mapping tools.