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More Quality Time


Currently most visitors and fans at the stadium arrive just in time for a sports event or concert and leave shortly after. We aim to increase the amount of time they spend at the stadium, as this can enhance the experience they have. A longer and a more enjoyable participation means a longer and better fan engagement with both the event and the venue (and generates revenue opportunities for food, beverages, and fan merchandise), a smoother customer journey (less waiting time for parking or public transport) and more efficient crowd management (easier and more spread in the visitor flows).


What are we looking for?

We are looking for solutions with a proven track record of prolonging the time visitors spent at the stadium. The solution should motivate visitors of sport events and concerts to enter the stadium earlier (before the start of the event) and/or keep visitors on premise for a longer duration after the event. Solutions could offer incentives to come earlier or stay longer, or take away reasons not to. Also, solutions could include new services offered to visitors (group segments) prior to or after events. Examples could be forms of gamification, new solutions that create interaction behind the stands, or added services for certain visitor segmentations (e.g. regular visitors of the home football team Ajax).


Issues to consider

– The stadium is open 90 minutes before the event starts and closes two hours after (during football matches);
– Solutions such as smartphone applications should be available as plug-ins for existing mobile applications;
– The crowd’s mood is very much affected by the result of a sport event;
– Content can be made available within the stadium (geo-fenced);
– Be aware of the different types of events as well as different visitor groups (regular sports visitors, one-off sports visitors, and non-sports event visitors like concert, dance event or business event visitors).


What we are not looking for

– We are not searching for additional shows as the program is sufficiently filled from fifteen minutes before the start of a match onwards;
– Complete loyalty programs are not the focus but plug-ins or additional functionalities can be an add-on.