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Seize the Moment


Johan Cruijff ArenA offers a range of different events (like football matches and concerts), with different types of visitors and unique experiences. For all these visitors, moments that matter will boost their engagement and sharing of their experiences. We want to maximise the way they experience their event on the one hand, and the way they can capture it. As these moments can be subjective, a solution should address coping with individual (micro-) experiences and the experience of a large mass event.

What can we offer to make a visit to the venue even more memorable or worthwhile, make visitors want to come back to the venue for a next event, or make visitors feel more attracted to their favourite team/artist?


What are we looking for?

We are looking for solutions that will maximise the satisfaction of the individual and collective experiences during the different touchpoints of our visitors’ customer journey (e.g. in the stadium) and make these highlights shareable. Solutions should entice our visitors to participate, let them share the moment, or enrich the visit to the stadium and make it even more worthwhile. We are looking to enhance or enrich the experience by using available content within the venue, transforming it into a user-friendly service to the visitor (e.g. by using augmented reality techniques or video). During great concerts or exciting games, we want to create moments they want to enjoy, capture, share, remember, and feel with all senses.


Issues to consider

– Visitors want to capture moments while not being distracted from the event itself. Players, artists, and crew should not be bothered by the service;
– Event organisers should be able to make use of this collective capturing of moments;
– Many events have legal rights restrictions with regard to the content;
– Different types of events are visited by different types of visitor segments;
– Solutions could focus on individual experiences during a large mass event;
– Consider privacy-related issues when dealing with capturing content during an event.