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Terms and Conditions

Full terms and conditions for registration and submission in Change the Game

  • To protect our mutual interests, the terms and conditions below apply to your submission through Change the Game (the “Challenge”).
  • During different stages of this Challenge different terms & conditions may apply and the present terms and conditions only apply during the online phase of this Challenge (step 1 and 2 in the visual ‘How will the challenge work”).


  • The information from participants on the Change the Game Platform will be visible for all registered participants, users and/or partners of the Change the Game Platform. The key principle of the platform is to facilitate and promote open innovation and collaboration between Johan Cruijff ArenA and external partners, as well as to stimulate and facilitate the collaboration among partners and participants.
  • You have the right to access and edit your personal data maintained by us at any time. Just contact us at
  • You can read our full Privacy Statement here


  • We recognize that you may have concerns about protecting your intellectual property during the online submission phase. That is why you should not submit, to us or other users, any confidential information. If you cannot submit your solution without disclosing confidential information, you cannot participate in the Challenge and you may contact us separately ( If you have any doubt you could consider consulting a lawyer and/or filing a patent application before submitting your solution to us. There is also a possibility to contact us and discuss your possibilities before submitting any information. Please note that the open sharing of non-confidential information, and building on contributor’s solutions, is what makes the Change the Game challenge useful for all participants, and contributes to identifying successful innovations.
  • Your submission, and the information you share with us, will be received by us only on a non-confidential basis. We will use this information for the purpose of the Challenge and disclose it to Johan Cruijff ArenA employees or our Change the Game partners with a need-to-know in relation to the Challenge.
  • As is customary, you should ensure that the information you share with us does not breach any contract or obligation between you and a third party and that, to the best of your information, possession or use of the information by us or any of our affiliates does not misappropriate or infringe any intellectual property rights of others.
  • You need to be aware that in case you do share information you were not allowed to share, we cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from a claim for misappropriation or infringement of third party rights based on our possession or use of the information submitted by you or the possession or use thereof by any of our affiliates.
  • When you have submitted your solutions or innovation, we will start the online interaction with you, evaluate your solution and ask questions. Also other participants may contribute or ask questions. If, at some point, you feel you are asked to disclose confidential information, then raise this with us, prior to disclosing this information. If you do not raise this with us prior to disclosure, the information will be considered non-confidential and we may treat it as such.
  • Following your submission, we may invite you to further participate and collaborate with us during a Collaboration Event that is held at the Johan Cruijff ArenA. At that stage we will communicate clearly what terms and conditions will apply.

Respect for intellectual property

  • We respect ownership of intellectual property rights (IP): your IP remains yours; ours remains ours. In the case parties decide to start creating shared IP we discuss a high-level arrangement which can range from IP that remains 100% your ownership (and is licensed for usage by Johan Cruijff ArenA on favorable terms) to full joint development and exploitation.
  • In such case parties commit to a 3 months exclusivity period to choose to negotiate a subsequent collaboration agreement, which term can be extended if partners enter into a collaboration development trajectory. In such agreement, parties will agree on the next steps of allocating, further developing, exploiting or commercializing the shared IP.
  • In case a party indicates within the 3 months exclusivity period that it has no interest to negotiate a subsequent agreement, the shared IP will, after 3 months, be allocated to the other party.
  • We jointly commit to a Fieldlab period tailored to your solution, ultimately until July 2020, to work on a commercial collaboration agreement. If one of the partners indicates within the Fieldlab period that it has no interest to negotiate further, the shared IP will be allocated to the other party. If neither party indicates that it has an interest to negotiate further, the shared IP will become available for both parties to use freely.